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110 X Million Free Trade Gold (sale).

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Welcome to RuneScape, the world's number 1 free massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Journey into the fantasy world of Gielinor, where wizards, monsters and magic await. Interact with millions of players, master your skills and embark upon the ultimate adventure. Start your quest now!
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Make Money With Mining

Mining is very important, as ore pretty much fuels the game. If there was no mining, then there would be a much less diverse variety of weapons and armour available, making the game pretty dull.

That's why it's important to get your mining skill up.

From level 1-20 you should mine copper from the south varrock mine

From level 20-40 you should mine iron from the mine near rimmington or varrock

When you reach level 40, it should be much easier to mine coal. You can mine coal at level 30, but it will take much longer, besides, if you level up with the other ores, you can either make money by selling them or you can keep them and maybe use them later (I recommend this method, it's more profitable).

I also recommed that you buy and adamantite (Or adamantine I always forget how you spell that) or rune pick axe.

A good place for paid runescape members to mine coal, is at the mine near ardougne, which also has a bank fairly close by, this will speed up your mining and make you more efficient.

If you're a free runescape member, you can mine coal in the dwarven mines, however there isn't a bank nearby, so you wont be very efficient.

Now, mine coal until you're level 60

Since you're level 60 you can go to to mining guild to mine coal until you're level 85

And now that you're mining level 85, you should go and mine rune in the wilderness or from the heroes guild (Much safer). Rune seller for between 10,000-15,000 per piece, so I think you'll agree that it's certainly worth the effort to do it.

When following the steps above, I strongly suggest that you keep all of the ore you get and smith it into something useful. Otherwise, feel free to sell it and see some immediate return for your efforts

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. If you've subscribed to my newsletter, you'll recieve the next quick tip tommorrow.

2011-04-18 10:04:46

How To Upgrade Your Runescape Level Fast

Everyone who starts playing the game eventually wants to know the same thing: how to increase your Runescape combat level fast. After all, all the best stuff happens when you have the right combat level!

You can wear better armour, use better weapons, finish more elite quests, and get access to better areas. Most certainly, you can make more money by killing bigger beasts, and killing them faster.

The common misconception about leveling in Runescape is that you should work on the highest possible level of monsters that you can kill in decent quantities. Since XP is based on the amount of damage you do, and that damage is based on the number of hit points the monster has, it is natural to conclude that it is better to fight the monsters with the higher combat level. But this is wrong, for at least two reasons.

First, higher combat in NPCs does not mean higher Hit Points. Many times it reflects higher Defence or ability to do damage to you, so not only are you not doing more damage, but you are actually taking more too. This means more trips for food or prayer potions, and that is not the way to faster leveling.

Second, tougher monsters take longer to kill, and even if they have more Hit Points, it might be taking you a lot longer to do the damage it takes to kill them. What counts is not the Hit Points per kill, but the Hit Points per hour that you are doing. After all, you measure the time you play in minutes and hours, and not kills.

When I was on my last few levels before maxing out my combat skills, I did a lot of slayer tasks to keep myself motivated. One thing that I did differently from everyone else was to turn in the tasks that would take too long to accomplish. This meant that I never bothered slaying metal dragons, even though there were some nice potential drops there. I know for a fact that if I had kept all those slower tasks that I would still be waiting to get my first 99 skill. As it is I have 4 now (you can check my character Erikfrombc on the high scores for proof).

So what does this mean for the beginning player? Simply put, start low and work your way up. Whenever I make a new character I start out with chickens and stay there for a while. Not only do I get fast levels, but I also get prayer XP for burying bones, feathers that stack and which I can sell for decent money and better weapons quickly, and cooking XP from the raw chickens that I can cook in the nearby cooking pot.

I have a strategy that takes me from Level 3 to 50 in less than a week, with no more than 2 hours played per day. And with that I make enough money to improve my armor and weapons as I become qualified for them. Feel free to take a look at it at And try making a new character and seeing if it works!

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